Today's Gold Price in Grams in USA

The Gold Price per Gram today is $75.00 USD (U.S. Dollars). The price of other gold units are $2332.77 USD per Ounce, $75000.31 USD per Kilo, and $874.79 USD per Tola. For more detail and charts, please see the following table/s.

National Flat of USA

The data of was last updated on: JUN-15-2024 02:26 pm (GMT-05:00) New York, United States Time.

Gold Price on 15-Jun-2024

Karats of Gram Gold Price in USD
1 Gram 24K Gold $75.00
1 Gram 23K Gold $71.88
1 Gram 22K Gold $68.75
1 Gram 21K Gold $65.63
1 Gram 18K Gold $56.25
1 Gram 16K Gold $50.00
1 Gram 14K Gold $43.75
1 Gram 10K Gold $31.25
1 Gram 9K Gold $28.13

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1 Gram ≈ 0.032151 Troy Oz
This page is about 99.999% pure gold, that is also known as 24 Karat or 24K gold.

Latest Chart of this Year's Gold

12 months gold price chart

Comparison of Gold Prices in this Month (2023)

Country Name: USA, Currency: USD, Unit: Gram
Date 24K Gold Price per Gram 24K Gold Price per Ounce
JUN-15-2024 $74.95 USD
JUN-14-2024 $74.95 USD
JUN-13-2024 $74.01 USD
JUN-12-2024 $74.63 USD
JUN-11-2024 $74.37 USD
JUN-10-2024 $74.28 USD
JUN-09-2024 $73.7 USD
JUN-08-2024 $73.7 USD
JUN-07-2024 $73.79 USD
JUN-06-2024 $76.26 USD
JUN-05-2024 $75.69 USD
JUN-04-2024 $74.76 USD
JUN-03-2024 $75.43 USD
JUN-02-2024 $74.84 USD
JUN-01-2024 $74.84 USD
MAY-31-2024 $74.61 USD
MAY-30-2024 $75.25 USD
MAY-29-2024 $75.13 USD
MAY-28-2024 $75.7 USD
MAY-27-2024 $75.54 USD
MAY-26-2024 $74.99 USD
MAY-25-2024 $74.99 USD
MAY-24-2024 $74.96 USD
MAY-23-2024 $74.96 USD
MAY-22-2024 $76.43 USD
MAY-21-2024 $77.86 USD
MAY-20-2024 $78.19 USD
MAY-19-2024 $77.58 USD
MAY-18-2024 $77.58 USD
MAY-17-2024 $77.59 USD

This page is about the latest gold price per Gram in United States in currency: US Dollar (USD), while charts related to the current gold rates in United States(Detroit) per Gram are presented above as well.
Note: The US date format being used in this page(i.e., mm-dd-yyyy).

All Karats Gold

What is the 24 Karat Gold?

The 24K gold is 99.999% pure, and it is a standard unit being used for trade in the international market.

This page is specifically about the 24K gold price in the United States.

24 Karat Gold

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