Today's Gold Price in Yugoslavia

The Gold Price in Yugoslavia per Gram today is 0.00 YUN (Yugoslav Dinar). The price of other gold units are 0 YUN per Ounce, 0 YUN per Kilo, and 0 YUN per Tola. For more detail and charts, please see the following table/s.

National Flat of Yugoslavia

The data of was last updated on: 15-Jun-2024 20:34:01 Time.

Yugoslavia Gold Rates on 15-Jun-2024

Gold Units24K Gold Price in YUN 24K Gold Price in USD
1 Gram 0.00 YUN $74.89
10 Grams 0.00 YUN $748.85
1 Kilo 0.00 YUN $74,885.13
1 Ounce 0.00 YUN $2,332.87
1 Tola 0.00 YUN $874.83
1 Bhori 0.00 YUN $873.46
1 Pennyweight 0.00 YUN $3,628.01
The above prices are based on 24K gold.

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1 Gram ≈ 0.032151 Troy Oz
This page is about 24K Gold, which is 100% pure
30 Days Gold Price Chart

Yugoslavia Currency Information

The following data is related to Yugoslavia only
Date 1 USD to YUN

Comparison of Gold Prices in this Month (2023)

Country Name: Yugoslavia, Currency: YUN, Unit: Gram
Date 24K Gold Price per Gram 24K Gold Price per Ounce

This page is about the latest gold price in Yugoslavia. Units: Gram, Kilogram, Ounce, Tola, Bhori, Baht, etc. Currency: Yugoslav Dinar (YUN). Charts related to the current gold rates in Yugoslavia(local) are presented above as well.
Note: The US date format being used in this page(i.e., mm-dd-yyyy).

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